6-Week Brand & Business Academy

Do the Inner Work & Higher Work to Prepare for Your 3-Day Business Breakthrough Retreat! | taught by Michelle Villalobos
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Michelle Villalobos
Michelle Villalobos
The Superstar Activator

About the instructor

Michelle Villalobos helps passionate, creative, mission-driven professionals grow lifestyle-friendly speaking, mentoring, seminar and event businesses so that they can transform lives while leading a life they LOVE!

She does this by helping them in the 3 areas of business that matter the most: 1) the Front-End (branding, marketing and generating inbound opportunities), 2) the Back-End (selling with integrity and delivering at the highest level), and 3) the Top-End (entrepreneurial mindset, beliefs and behaviors). 

Achieve brand clarity, refine your model, define revenue streams, devise packages and prices, hone your message, plan marketing strategy & develop your implementation plan.

Course Contents

6 Videos
2 Surveys
1 Multimedia
10 Texts
9 PDFs
5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum