Course Description


This is a collection of helpful resources to support you in your journey forward, post-retreat.


"The Superstar Activator"

Michelle Villalobos

Michelle Villalobos helps entrepreneurs and professionals creatively package and strategically market themselves to achieve visibility and credibility, so that they – and the world – can benefit from their unique talents, story, mission and message. Michelle has delivered programs and keynotes for both corporate and entrepreneurial audiences, such as American Express, Adidas, Burger King, Univision, Audi Latin America, Lexis-Nexis, Lloyd’s of London, and many more.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sales As Service Toolbox

    • [VIDEO] Strategy Session Quickstart Training

    • Michelle's Strategy Session Training Overview Audio

    • Superstar Sales As Service Conversation Guide & Scriptmaker Worksheet

    • Jake's Strategy Session Audio

    • Sales as Service Slides [Downloadable PDF Format]

  • 2

    Projections Tools & Other Spreadsheets!

    • [PROJECTIONS] Big Back End Projections Spreadsheet on Google Sheets (Make A Copy & Save As)

  • 3

    Superstar Business Breakthrough Miscellaneous Follow-Up Resources

    • [Zoom] Guest Speaker // February 2, 2024 - Tim Gard - "Speaking Tips"

    • [AUDIO] Magic Carpet Visualization 2018 Version (17 minutes)

    • [VIDEO] YouTube Video Marketing Lesson Featuring SEO/SEM Rush Strategy That Michelle Uses

    • [TEMPLATE] Sample Referral Form

    • [AUDIO] LeeAnn Webster (Email) & Nate Woodbury (YouTube) Sessions (at 2019 Business Breakthrough Retreat)

    • Full Marketing Espionage Book PDF -- by Heather Lutze

    • [VIDEO] Retreats to Riches 3-Hour Virtual Training

    • [AUDIO] Preview Event Marketing Interview with Patty Ferreira [30 minutes]

    • [DOWNLOAD] Retreats To Riches Roadmap QuickStart Guide

    • [LINK] TedX United States Events List (search for year and see calls for speakers currently open)

    • [MASTERY] Brand Message Clarification, Content Marketing Repurposing with Guest Mastery, Rory Vaden // February 2019

    • [SAMPLE] Speaker One Sheet – Michelle Villalobos

    • [SAMPLE] Podcast Interview One Sheet for Pitching Yourself

    • Michelle's Big Back End Offer Outline / Script

  • 4

    Awaken Your Inner Superstar Podcast Recommended & Referenced Episodes

    • Podcast #11 - Andy Henriquez: Unlocking the Power of Story to Influence, Inspire and Educate

    • Episode #16 - Dustin Mathews: Create A Marketplace Frenzy With Your Irresistible Offer!

    • Episode #21 - Albert Pellissier: How to Follow Your Soul's Purpose AND Make Good Money

    • Episode #23 - The Lifestyle Episode – Building A Business That Honors & Supports Your LIFE, with Michelle Villalobos

    • Episode #31 – The Business Model Episode: How to Build a Sustainable, Scalable Business (Without Sacrificing Your Health or Lifestyle) with Michelle Villalobos

    • Episode #34 – Interview with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics – Find Your “Flow” for More Freedom, Fortune, Fulfillment & FUN!!

    • Episode #38 – Michelle Villalobos – The 5 Key Components of A “Superstar” Brand

    • Episode #39. Mark LeBlanc – Simple Activities & Behaviors to Grow Your Business DAILY

    • Episode #42. NaniLea Diamond – The “Feminine Blueprint” for Leadership

    • Episode #45. Michelle Villalobos – Retreats To Riches: Design, Fill & Monetize Transformational Events

    • Episode #47. Michelle Villalobos – Forget Marketing… Try Speaking! How You Can Use Speaking To Attract Inbound Business

    • Episode #56. Lois Creamer – How To Earn A Living As A Professional Speaker

    • Episode #54. Helen Chang – Write & Publish A Superstar Book That Drives Business!

    • [PODCAST] InspireNation Podcast Episode Interview with Howard Martin of HeartMath About The Heart As An Emotional Projection Machine

  • 5

    Mark LeBlanc 3-part Sales / Outreach Mastery Series

    • Practical Strategies to Grow Your Buiness with Mark LeBlanc (Part 1 of 3) // September 2017

    • Practical Strategies to Grow Your Business with Mark LeBlanc (Part 2 of 3) // September 2017

    • Practical Strategies to Grow Your Business with Mark LeBlanc (Part 3 of 3) // September 2017

    • Sample Forms & Resources

  • 6

    Dustin Mathews Irresistible Offer Series

    • Irresistible Offer Architecture® Series (Part 1 of 3) with Dustin Mathews

    • Session 1 Handouts

    • Irresistible Offer Architecture® Series (Part 2 of 3) with Dustin Mathews

    • Irresistible Offer Architecture® Series (Part 3 of 3) with Dustin Mathews

  • 7

    Recommended Reading List

    • Recommended Reading / Books Referenced